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Right after your surgery, we recommend you wear a post-surgical camisole. Ideally, it is best to come in to shop for that camisole before your surgery, so you can wear it when you leave the hospital. This tank top can be slipped into feet first if movement of your arms is limited. It is made of very comfortable fabric, contains a very light foam breastform as well as a pocket to insert a drain, if you have one. It is possible to remove this pocket if you don’t need it. This camisole can be worn day or night.

About 6 weeks after your surgery, or when the surgery site has healed, your doctor will inform you that it’s time to obtain an external breastform.

At Studio Équilibra, you will be informed and advised on the different breastforms and related products. Your needs and your tastes will be discussed and several options will be proposed (different types of breastforms, different models of bras, etc).

We always start by choosing a bra that correctly fits your size (the majority of women doesn’t wear the right bra size!). We will then choose the size and model of breastform that will suit you best. Of course, we always make suggestions, but the final choice is always yours. During your appointment, you will always be seen by a certified fitter.

Once you’re a client, you will be entitled to free reassessments. Adjustments might be necessary following weight loss or weight gain, or hormonal changes. You just need to make an appointment for a free reevaluation.

It is also possible to go to Studio Équilibra without an appointment in accordance with some pre-established hours during the week. Outside of these hours, it is advised to schedule an appointment, especially for the first fitting. Please consult the business hours section for all the details