Studio Équilibra Inc. specializes in the fitting of external breastforms and adapted bras, as well as other related products.

The first boutique in Laval and surroundings specializing in post-mastectomy products and related articles.


The women will find some prostheses and adapted bras for a good fitting, but also some related articles like: pillow cases and sleepwear made of a quick drying material that wicks away the wetness from the skin and helps to stay dry, some gentle wash for lingerie, the Bra saver (designed to protect your bra in the wash), as well as some camisoles and bras recommended by Oprah, and more!

Studio Équilibra offers its services to women who have undergone breast surgeries, who have received treatments which modified their breasts’ shape, or those who simply have a natural asymmetry to their breasts, or who want to enhance their breasts’ volume using an external breastform, therefore without undergoing any surgery.

All these services are offered in a relaxed and discreet atmosphere. Our priority is to find the solution that fits you perfectly, for the look as well as the comfort.


Taking the time to find, not only a good fit, but the best fit possible, according to your tastes and your condition.

We want to help you feel confident and comfortable, from the post-operative phase as well as throughout the subsequent years.

At Studio Équilibra, we serve our clients with respect and compassion. We are also great listeners.

OUR MISSION: Inform-Advise-Help

At Studio Équilibra, our mission is to

Inform you about the different products that may be suitable for you

Advise you on the best options according to your condition and tastes

Help you go through this difficult period

But also, Studio Équilibra is committed to the fight against breast cancer, by either making donations to serious organisations recognized in the fight against breast cancer, or by getting involved in various events related to the cause.