Your comments

It is said “some angels have no wings and we call these angels friends.”
Me, I simply say that we call them Julie.
To come and meet Julie at Studio Equilibra, after the battle with breast cancer, is a gift from heaven.  Her hospitality is so warm, friendly and professional that we just feel like coming back again and again.  Thank you for everything Julie, and thank you for becoming a part of our lives.
Martine C. Laval

Mrs. Faucher’s professionalism makes her a retailer who is very appreciated by Amoena.  Her respect, her empathy and her responsiveness will surely result in establishing long-term relationships with her customers and at the same time, gain their devotion.
Jocelyne Blanchette
Territory Manager
Eastern Canada
Amoena Canada Inc.

I must say that your Studio arrived just at the right time in my life.  Not only did I find what I was looking for, but your precious help was very much appreciated.  Your thoughtfulness and respect made this a pleasant trial session in spite of all that I was going through.  I spoke about you to my nurse at Cité de la Santé as well as to any others that may have a need.  Your action on this matter is a step in the right direction for a society that wishes to improve.  Thank you infinitely for having listened to that little internal voice of yours!
Josée P. Laval

At Studio Equilibra we are so welcomed.
I found a personalized and professional service, exceptional listening and true therapy.  Discussions with Julie helps us feel less alone with our problem.
I would not hesitate but to send to you anyone that needs you.
Thank you for being there for us.
Nicole S. Laval

I very much enjoy hearing you talk about your business and your work.  Every time you present your services during business breakfasts, I listen to you and what I hear is all the passion of the world edged with such compassion for humanity.
Jacques Renault. Laval

As Company Development Advisor at the CLD de Laval, I had the opportunity to work along with Mrs. Faucher in the launching of her company.  I was impressed by her professional skills, most particularly by her business like qualities.  She combines in a special way, passion and realism, determination and openness, kindness and professionalism.
Gabriela Cosentino

I feel fantastic with the undergarment that you recommended to me.  My back is straighter, so less back pains. I again wear beautiful old t-shirts that I had put in a bag to be given away since I no longer wore anything that was semi-tight-fitting.  Julie, I feel beautiful, and that is due to you.  I smile much more than before.  You have clearly contributed to my physical and mental well-being.
Sophie D. Lachenaie

I remember well in 2007, when the project was in its first phase, I felt I had rarely met a person so determined, well planned and organized.
This young professional knew how to manage the implementation of her project first-hand.  After one year of operation, she properly controlled her economic planning, and obtained very good results with regard to her business plan.
This company is bound to succeed, because management is led skilfully and intelligently.
Continued good success.
Yves BELLEFLEUR (Mentor)
International Business Development

I only have good comments for your boutique.
In the first place, your hospitality during the first visit is exceptional.  You have succeeded right from the start to give me confidence.  I suppose that other customers, as I, have difficulty discussing their personal problems.  Therefore, the onset is crucial.
Your boutique is warm-hearted without being too much, just enough to feel comfortable.
You are great and thank you for being there.
S.D. Ste-Anne des Lacs.

Regarding my visit to your boutique, I have only positive comments to convey.  The information supplied has really answered my questions and diminished my concerns.  Your services were prompt, courteous, efficient and professional.  It is with gratitude that I relay this message to you.
M.F. Laval

After this battle with breast cancer, I finally realized that I most certainly deserved the best in life.  My experience with Studio Équilibra was a great source of well-being and balance that I wish the very same for those like me.  Studio Équilibra has already reached all levels of excellence for me.
Dominique S. Laval