Voilà! It’s done!

You scheduled an appointment at Studio Équilibra for your first fitting. If this first meeting is worrisome for you, or if you have questions, read what follows.

  • Make sure to plan enough time to allow us to find the best possible fit for you. (At least an hour)
  • First of all, we will inform you on the different types of breastforms available. We will then advise you on what is better adapted for your situation and lifestyle, and we will make suggestions on the best options for your condition. However, the final choice is always yours!
  • We always start by asking a few questions to better know your condition and tastes. We then take measurements. A good fit starts, first and foremost, with a bra perfectly adapted to your size. Once the bra is chosen, the next step consists of choosing the breastform that suits you best. You will have the opportunity of trying on several models of bras and breastforms, all the while taking your time. You need to be totally satisfied with your final choice.
  • We recommend bringing a shirt or a blouse. Once the adjustment is finished, you’ll be able to better evaluate the final effect. We recommend choosing a light colored, fitted top.
  • In the case of partial surgery, it is sometimes feasible to adjust your regular bra. Please bring your favourite bra so we can evaluate if it’s possible to adapt it.
  • Do not hesitate to bring a friend, your partner or spouse, or any other family member to accompany you (there’s also a kid’s corner). Studio Équilibra has arranged an area specifically for them, to help them wait while you go for your fitting. Coffee, water and herbal teas are at their disposal, as well as magazines. They can also accompany you in the fitting room if you wish.
  • Before you come, check to see if you’re eligible for the RAMQ program . Also check with your insurance company to get informed about what is covered.

You now know everything about the first appointment.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!